Ice cream (customizable)

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It's ice cream time!

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Choose a flavor (or flavors!) and enjoy your miniature realistic ice cream. It's about Ø15mm (Ø0'60 in) and it comes with syrup and toppins of your choice.

How I custom it? It's so easy! Just choose one, two or three flavors (one per ball), and then choose one, two or three toppins.

What about toppins? I recommend you choose some syrup or whipped cream, any berry or similar (like blueberries, strawberries, mint leaves...) and a biscuit or waffer. But you can combine them as you wish! (Just remember: maximun of three.)

Customization example: 'Hi! I'd like my ice cream with two strawberry balls and one orange ball. I want some chocolate syrup, a strawberry and some blueberries'

Note: Non eatable.

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